Top Choice: Canoeing Experience

Clearwater River Canoe Trail

State: Idaho

Paddling through Clearwater Canoe waters doesn’t require too much effort, so if you’re a beginner, Lolo National Forest might be a good place for you to start your experience.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge

State: Georgia

The largest intact blackwater swamp in North America. That means the water is slowly flowing through forested wetlands, and the decaying plant matter turns the clear water a dark color.

Green River

State: Utah

This popular canoeing river is 730 miles long. Its Utah section winds through some of the American Southwest’s most amazing canyons and Canyonlands National Park, where it spills into the Colorado River.

Guided Trips With Kayaking Experience

Glacier Bay National Park

State: Alaska

Kayaking here offers paddlers an array of natural beauty and scenic mountain vistas. Kayakers could have a close encounter with puffins, sea lions, orcas, or even a humpback whale.

Colorado River

State: Arizona

Kayakers of all ability levels can experience a ride through the river that carved out the Grand Canyon, as it has sections with gentle stretches, as well as those with rougher waters.

Mangroves In The Everglades

State: Florida

Paddling through the streams, mangroves, and the “river of grass” is quite a peaceful ride. Kayakers should see a variety of birds and occasional alligator backs peeking over the water.

Essentials – A Paddler's Guide

  • 01

    A Suitcase Or A Backpack?

    We recommend duffel bags that fit perfectly in the kayak’s bow. If you don’t have one –– don’t worry, you can rent it with a kayak or canoe.

  • 02

    A Night Under The Stars

    Before the trip, you should check the mattress and tent and impregnate the flysheet. Don’t forget to take a flashlight.

  • 03

    Shorts And Sweatshirts

    The weather may change easily. So pack your shorts and swimsuits but don’t forget to take a fleece sweatshirt or sweater and trousers as well.

  • 04

    Food With You

    When planning how much food to take, check for shops on the route. In most cases, it makes no sense to take food with you.

Heros Behind the Company

Travel across the US to the most elite streams for a wonderful canoeing and kayaking experience. Our trained guides provide general instruction for first-time paddlers and information on the history and wildlife of the chosen place. Our trips are suitable for the young, the young at heart, the experienced and the novice paddlers.

While the trips are provided on a reservations basis, we do make every effort to accommodate last-minute requests.

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